Founded in November 2, 1962, formerly known as Hung Jen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., the company manufactured various pharmaceutical products, including eye drops as the main product. With high quality and excellent reputation received by the consumer and love to use, the domestic market share of the product is about 60% and occupies with most of the consumer market in Taiwan. Furthermore, the Government has continuously advocated good drug administration, cGMP; therefore, the company expanded its service and changed its name to New I Ten Rin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

New I-Ten-Rin Enterprise Co., Ltd. has already established for half a century. The company has always maintained its integrity for the business philosophy and attitudes as well as a great effort for human’s window of the souls. Our R&D team continues to develop innovative medicines for human eye health. Moreover, the quality of ingredients selection for eye-drops even insists on using the best quality imported raw materials and manufacturing process of product is qualified with cGMP regulation to make the most stringent quality control. Therefore, our products have long been raved among all age group and consumers’ praise. Nowadays, loyal users are all over the world. As New I Ten Rin Enterprise Co. has created its brand and stick in people’s mind for more than 40 years in Taiwan. Taking care of people’s health and providing the latest quality products for people as our missions, we developed and did tons of research for these targets. Furthermore, the company is also working towards the areas of biotechnology development. Finally, we had the successful launch in March 2008 in Taiwan for our health food series “Daily Hydrate”. These series are combined with Mega Hydrate that was developed and led by Dr. Patrick Flanagan of PHI SCIENCES, United States.

We welcome the industry's predecessors to work together for the target of human health and can offer raw material powders which are readily available for those who are interested in from various industries to create the future of human health together for market demand.